At SIMPLEX DESIGNS LTD we specialize in supplying and fabricating two of nature’s most beautiful and unique stones, Marble and Granite. From Quarries located all over the world, we offer a wide variety of material to our customers. Our factory is the destination for marble and granite being shipped from every continent. We carry some of the most attractive stone from countries such as Italy, India, Brazil and Canada.


Marble and granite are quarried in large blocks, and then reduced to slabs and tiles of various thickness and size. Various finishes are available for the slabs and tiles depending on their end use, the most common being polished and sandblasted.



Both stones are available in a number of different colors and color combinations, with different veining and grain styles and varying textures. Colors, veining and graining result from the earth’s changing chemical and mineral composition, while the different textures result from the even or uneven distribution and arrangement of the minerals. The multitude of colors and textures available in marble and granite offer you, the designer, an endless variety of beautiful stones to choose from.